[TOP KNOT TRAINING] How I Manage My Instagram Accounts as of August 2017

A spur-of-the-moment tutorial on how I curate images, schedule posts, use hashtags, and make it all work.

I made this tutorial in response to Sarah's question earlier today:
"I just saw on the Jam Marketing instagram, that you used someone else's photo (gave them credit, of course) of the toast and avocado, then added your long description/post, then a bunch of space and then the hashtags.
Are you guys using an app that allows you to add all the space and do you use a hashtag generator? And is there a place to grab people's photos or..?
I recently started trying out planoly so that I can schedule posts, and I found a hashtag generator that I quite like, so I can do all of this from my computer but I have to use the app on my phone to make the instagram post go out. A little bit of a hassle but it's okay.
I was just curious as to what you're using or if you were using something special and always open to anyone else's suggestions as well.
Thanks a lot!"

And since I couldn't figure out how to write all that I needed to say in a comment, I did a video!
Here's what to expect:
- My disclaimer that I'm am NOT an Instagram expert, go to Sofia if you're looking for one of those
- I'm simply showing you MY process that works for ME
- How I curate photos, schedule, hashtag, give proper credit, and manually post each image

And most importantly - if you have a system different from mine that works for you, PLEASE SHARE IT! I am, in no way shape or form, saying this is how you *should* do it. I'm simply sharing what has worked for me, in hopes that it helps someone out with this multi-step, sometimes-confusing process.

Love you all

What's included?

1 Video